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Sabii Gift Guide

We believe in gifting items of quality, that will be treasured, loved, worn and used far beyond the Christmas season, for many years to come. We also believe in supporting ethical business and passionate makers wherever possible.Here is our guide of artisan, luxe gift ideas... Mouth Blown Glassware   Wild Silk Top   Waffle Linen Bath Towel   Tinted Sole Face & Lip Balms [Organic, Biodynamic, Handmade]   Dazed Dress Recycled Cotton Rag Journal   Yoisho Robe Supra Oracle Cards Offcut Shorts  Bel Meditation Candle Beauty Potion Herbal Tea Blend   Recycled Cotton Rag Paper & Envelopes

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Why We Never Use Synthetic Fabrics

 Once upon a time, the production of clothing was simple; natural materials like wool, silk, linen and organic cotton were used for most apparels. But as the world has changed and demand for fast, cheap fashion has increased, large fabric manufacturing companies emerged, where mass production of clothing fabrics was carried out. As this industry grew, 'improvements' were made to the manufacturing process. These so called 'improvements' included adding harsh chemicals to fabrics to prevent them from wrinkling and shrinking as well as artificial dyes and flame retardants. Then came the petroleum-based clothing industry, which is now a big culprit in the production of synthetic fibers and fabrics, which now plague the environment and risk our health.   Synthetic Fabrics Harm Our Bodies There has...

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Why we only use Certified Organic Cotton

An important part of our philosophy is using natural fabrics and materials that are sustainable and don't harm our beautiful planet or our fellow humans. Some of our favourite natural fabrics include hemp, linen, silk and organic cotton. When using cotton, we always ensure that it is certified organic. Here are a few reasons why this is important to us...    We Love Our Planet Organic cotton is free from the toxic pesticides that pollute our land, air, and water, leaving a lighter environmental footprint. Farming techniques for organic cotton are also fundamentally different.  Organic farming relies on the soil to produce a productive crop, this saves energy compared to using planes and tractors to fertilise cotton plants with chemicals. Organic cotton farming...

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